Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Ways NOT to Get Scammed In Internet Marketing

This is for everyone that sells on the internet. Whether you sell ebooks, income products or physical products maybe through eBay or your store's website, you will be a victim at some point to people trying to scam you.

1. If you get an offer for a product that offers you more money than usual. I have been offered outrageous prices for items I knew were not that expensive. Obviously, the bad guys hope you will send this item to them before you realize the scam.

2. Look for suspicious emails. These might include emails from PayPal that says you have been paid. When you go to your PayPal account there is no money for the product. The bad guys have gotten really good at copying PayPal's site. They will try to duplicate PayPal's email to you. Payment is immediate in PayPal and if there is no money there for your out.

3. Watch for the "I can't pay through your site. Can I pay you with another merchant close by you?" If you are a seller, you probably have a merchant account set up and there is no reason they cannot pay you through your site.

4. Be alert if a buyer offers you more than one credit card to use for the product being sold.

5. Advertisements being answered by email asking if you still have the product and they want you to reply ASAP. The bad guys like to make all offers seem urgent. Hurry and reply to my email. Hurry and send the product. Be Aware.

6. Emails that threaten you to ship the product immediately or you will have legal action taken against you. This is at first glance, shocking. You wonder if maybe you should believe the emails that preceded this saying you have been paid, although payment is never made and does not show in your account.

7. Letters on website or reply email to you are jumbled and numbers are out of place. Most merchant account businesses that send email to their clients do not have jumbled numbers and words. They are professional and they will look that way all the time.

8. If you use eBay, iOffer or sites similar to these of course you need to be up to speed on their policy but make your buyer go through the actual process setup by the host of your products. These guidelines are set to protect you from this type of scam.

9. Watch for people that want to talk you into accepting a payment by a method you are not using or don't want to use. If the seller truly wants your product, they will buy in the form you want to sell from.

10. Common sense. I know this might sound kind of arrogant, but it is true. Think through your transaction before you accept some off the wall payment option a scammer has come up with.

I know maybe some of this is elementary, but all of these have been tried on my business and I am sure some of these have been tried on your online business as well. There are good buyers out there and there are honest people. Be smart and hope you sell your products safely.

Glenn Thomas

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Simple 3-Step System To Massive Internet Income Every Single Day

Ewen Chia is an internet marketer guru whom has made a six-figure income with his Internet products and marketing. He has everything in one nice place in an easy to understand and follow format.

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It is hard to put this any other way, but he knows what he is doing and I highly recommend you take a look at his website to get a better understanding of what he can do to help you with your own business.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How To Judge A Money-Making System's Success...

How do you spot whether a money-making system works? Its simple. Just ask these three questions…

Does The System Consistently Generate Cash. Having a fluke Adwords campaign is easy. But consistently generating job-killing income is the true test of a system’s worth. This very tactic has allowed a self-confessed lazy drop-out to siphon off up to $127,000 in 30 days with no website, and with no technical skills whatsoever.

Can I Get Started On The Cheap… you don’t need that much money to start with this unique approach – because you’re “skimming cash” from a handful of the best opportunities, this will show you how to get started without the cash that most PPC marketers need. With my approach, you needn’t have that high capital hurdle – yet you can pull a check out of this game that would make most affiliates’ eyes water.

Can I Lead A Regular Life…. you don’t need to quit your day job to start with this unique approach – anyone can apply the models developed. You can do it small and part-time, and “see how it goes”, then go from there as you start to see results.

And here's the best part:

YOU DON'T need to know a thing about affiliate marketing to profit from this - because this system is designed so that even a 9 year old can operate it. And because these methods run counter to the mainstream methods the gurus are teaching, the newer you are to the game, the better you're likely to do.

YOU DON'T need a website - in fact, our push-button software will create an unlimited number of mini Google ads, without you having to learn a single thing about HTML or any of that 'techie' rubbish.

This systematic approach is quite straightforward in fact: put in place automatic and autopilot systems that make locating the best profit opportunities almost effortless; implement my methods to turn those into huge cash profits; and then GET PAID.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to Set Up an Online Business on a Budget

You could start off by looking for free domain names. Because there are so many companies around who are now selling domain names, the market has become quite competitive. But there are a few sites around that will register a domain for you at no charge. However, there is a catch with some of them in that they will set themselves up as the administrator for your domain and then only transfer ownership to you after a set period of time for free or will charge you a small fee.

If you are going to be setting up and launching a website, but do not want to pay the $20-$40 a month that you can typically charged for hosting, then don’t. There are plenty of places on the web today that will host your site for free. But before you get too excited about this prospect, it is important to remember that there is a drawback to be had from using such places. Most of these free host sites will place a banner at the top of your pages for allowing you to do this. However, there are some web hosts around who do not charge you a fee or force you to have a banner on your site either. While there are others who will remove the banners completely for a small fee each year, which is nothing compared to what you would pay to get someone to host your site for you each month.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Search Engine Optimization Headaches

Oh my goodness, if you have ever worked on trying to promote your site and optimize your site for search engines without the help of costly companies doing this for you, you can understand the headache I'm talking about!

First there is the question of keywords. Are they throughout your site and in titles, headings, and in the body content? Is the density of your keywords enough? Next, is the HTML code correct? Do all your links work? Do you have keywords in your links? On and On.

Let me just say, it is not easy to do this, but it can be done. If you want to invest money in a SEO company and can afford it, do it. If you are like me and would rather do it yourself, you can. I went through my site and changed all pages in just a few hours. The outcome of all this work has paid off completely. I now have more traffic and am making more sales for my products. If you need help with this go to my site and get started today. Without search engine optimization you will be spinning your wheels.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Traffic to Your Site

If you are an internet marketer, you are aware that you must promote your web site in order to make money. If you have not yet mastered the art of web site promotion, you will have to make a concentrated effort to do so if you want to succeed in internet marketing. The more you can make your web site visible to the public, the more traffic you receive and the more sales you will make. There are some ways you can promote your web site more effectively, increasing the volume of traffic to your web site.
If you do not already have your own domain name, get one.
Your domain name should be catchy and memorable, and be very recognizable to the public. Use a name that is appropriate for your business and do not choose a domain name that is too long. You should avoid annoying banners and pop-up ads. Give your customers free information on subjects relevant to your business and update this information frequently. If you give your visitors substantial, relevant information, they will stay at your site longer and you will make more sales. You will want to submit your site to search engines. Search engines account for a large percentage of traffic to most web sites. This will include positioning and meta tag placement. You will need to test with various search engine tools and you will have to constantly update your site if you want to stay indexed.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Making Money Online has Never Been So Easy!

More and more people today have become dissatisfied
with their jobs and their pension provisions. So
the interest in starting an online business has
begun to increase. Yet many who look at such a
project find it difficult to know where to start
because of the mountain of information available on
the subject.

The best way of starting an online business is to
do it in an area that you are knowledgeable or
passionate about. This will help you to focus your
attention, as well as help to create a small income
more quickly. But over a period of time, you will
soon develop new skills, and through persistence
and patience, you will soon see some very good
results appear.

What Reasons Are There for
Starting an Online Business?

For many people, the main reason that they decide
to start an online business is to earn an extra
income. Usually, this is in addition to the income
that they are already earning. However for others,
what starts as a part time venture, soon becomes a
full time one.

What rush hour?

No longer do they need to get up in the morning to
rush off to work and get caught up in all that
traffic. Now that time which would normally be
wasted sitting in traffic can be used to their
advantage. Plus, it is up to you when you work, so
if you don’t want to start until late in the
morning, you do not need to.


Because of the rapid advance in technology, many
online businesses today tend be prosperous, and so
getting involved in this type of business is a good
way to make some money.

Costs of Starting Up

This is probably one of the biggest reasons as to
why many people choose to start an online business.
As many of the transactions are completed online,
there is little or no need for lots of paper and
documents. What one really needs in order to get
an online business going is a computer, a high
speed internet connection (ADSL), printer, fax
machine and few other essentials that an office may
As you can see, these are just a few good reasons
for why setting up an online business might be the
ideal choice for you.

Want to start your own home based business?